Deltimo was a unique brand providing stylish accessories. The primary product of this label was a fashionable bracelet with different symbols.
The targeted group was essentially young people.

We no longer participate in this project due to the owner exchange. The e-shop is currently
unavailable as the domain was not paid for more than a half year, and unfortunately, almost all SEO
results we achieved in 2016/17 are lost due to search engine deindexing.

  • Start of partnership – September 2016.
  • Collaboration with an external agency while developing a website.
  • A brand new project with zero audience.
  • Started by creating an effective online marketing strategy, a brand strategy, and the execution
    of all campaigns across Internet channels.



We publish specific issues with the consent of the e-shop owner.

  • + 1,472 orders in one month
  • 21% cost of turnover for one order
  • 333% return on investment (ROI)
  • more than 200,000 views on Youtube videos
  • + 14,132 followers on Instagram
  • + 2,000 hashtag shares on Instagram #deltimo

The SEO campaign we initiated jumped us to 1st positioning in the Google search results for the main generic keywords in the Czech Republic.

  • “Bracelets” – 1st position
  • “Buddha bracelets” – 1st position
  • “Hand bracelets” – 1st position

We also outperform competitor’s websites such as Pandora, Heureka, Wayfarer, Alza and Vivantis.

Example of a Google search result for the keyword "bracelets", where we managed to place the 1st position above the Pandora e-shop. Searched through an incognito window for the most objective results possible (search personalization).
204,017 video views as part of the influencer campaign with youtubers. (cooperation with TVTwixx)
We have also started working with several other bloggers and youtubers.
We managed to build a base of more than 14,000 followers on Instagram.
Hashtag #deltimo and others in connection with the brand have been used more than 2,000 times on Instagram.


Shortly after designing the project strategy, we set up social media campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. On social platforms, we applied three solutions:

  • Acquisition campaigns (commerce contributions, banner advertising, videos)
  • Remarketing campaigns (banner advertising, video)
  • Influencer campaigns (publicly known figures of Instagram and YouTube)

We also continued in search engine campaigns (, The search engine campaign was divided into four phases:

  • Paid search (keywords, according to keyword classification analysis)
  • Remarketing campaigns (in the form of dynamic remarketing)
  • Google Shopping (Google Shopping Ads)
  • SEO campaign (organic search – we took care of the technical optimization of the website with the following link building campaign)
Visualization of online marketing strategy through "mind maps". Based on the strategy, a creative production plan was created for each channel.

Before launching any search campaign, we performed a keyword classification analysis (see image). Based on the classification of words, we created the structure of the website, categories, but also the structure of paid search campaigns (Google Ads + Sklik).

We supported the selected keywords with our link-building strategy. We measured, evaluated and subsequently reported all link-building and positions to the client.
Example of keyword classification analysis.
Preview from the overview of link-building activities.


We managed to connect the client’s Instagram account to our software solution that boosts brand awareness on social media organically. Read more about the solution in entrepreneurs magazine

For a closer view, check our project –


In our opinion, communication is a crucial aspect of a well-functioning partnership. Besides the monthly reports, we meet in person to plan additional activities and discuss further details. In communication, we strive to be your partner rather than just a service provider, better said – an outer segment of the company representing the marketing department. Working with us ultimately adds value to your business; cooperating with skilled marketers will bring you nothing but success.

An example of a summary report, which we prepare at the end of each month for all our clients.

Sample of a interactive “live” overview, which we prepare for our clients (especially e-shops) in GDS.