The project Dovez To Dál deals with the import/export of cars from abroad. To sell them and offer additional services, including free consultation. (

  • Start of partnership – April 2018.
  • The client claimed free of charge proposal to get help with the business.
  • The client’s website urgently needed an optimization.
  • The main goal was to start selling, quickly as possible so the project could grow.
  • Relatively difficult starting position in a very competitive field (sauto, aaa auto, etc.) with a limited budget.


  • + 45 new leads (requests) in the first month of partnership
  • We met the client’s expectations & reached the goals
  • We performed the campaign in a competitive environment even with a limited budget and put the client’s business into the growth phase.

UPDATE 18. 2. 2019

  • To this date, we have managed to rank the main keywords “importing cars from Germany” in the first position in organic search within our SEO campaign.
  • The searchability of such a keyword is thousands of people from all over the Czech Republic per month.


  • Initial understanding of the concept and studying targeted groups
  • Designed custom solution to make our client’s business stand up above competitors in this
  • Significant website changes and setting clear form of communication
  • Technical optimization of the website

We continued:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Campaign structure
  • Creating acquisition campaigns in Google Ads
  • Graphics
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Price optimization after launching campaigns
  • Evaluation and measurement, including regular reporting to the client


In our opinion, communication is a crucial aspect of a well-functioning partnership. Besides the monthly reports, we meet in person to plan additional activities and discuss further details. In communication, we strive to be your partner rather than just a service provider, better said – an outersegment of the company representing the marketing department. Working with us ultimately adds value to your business; cooperating with skilled marketers will bring you nothing but success.

An example of a summary report, which we prepare at the end of each month for all our clients.

Sample of a interactive “live” overview, which we prepare for our clients (especially e-shops) in GDS.