Leo Express is a private multimodal transport group, which in 2012 started its activities with new train lines in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2018, they also began to operate in Poland. By now,
they are equally providing bus services to Krakow, Lviv, Warsaw, Vienna, Salzburg, Dresden and Mukachevo. Recently, they likewise started to offer “pick-up and drop-off” services, which allow customers to travel, for instance, from the airport or train station directly to a specific location.

Our partnership began in October 2018 & is still continuous. Before starting our cooperation, Leo Express proposed a tender for the complete management of PPC campaigns (Google Ads) for 6 European countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Ukraine).
The whole project was already running before we entered the partnership, so we had to take over the campaigns from the previous agency.

The client’s expectations were essentially to renew and redesign existing campaigns for better investment efficiency. Furthermore, our responsibility was to plan brand new campaigns and meaningfully connect them into an overall brand fit; after optimization, we also developed unique solutions and strategies that we could apply later on.



  • + 89.28% increase in campaign sales
  • + 133.49% increase in sales of non-brand campaigns
  • – 28.32% decrease of total marketing costs (percentage of marketing costs vs. sales)
  • – 38.06% decrease of total marketing costs to non-brand campaigns (percentage of marketing costs vs. sales)
  • + 59.4% increase in orders since start of involving new campaigns


The client introduced us to the services they provide as a company and the philosophy they share. We quickly adopted the client’s interests throughout the first few meetings, particularly by attaining more
data about project strategies and discussing the company’s current condition and their future goals.

As we took over from the previous agency, we continued with an audit of already existing campaigns (Google ads account). After that, however, we consulted starting new campaigns along with advised
changes and ideas. Shortly after the beginning of the official partnership, we implemented all the suggested designs.

In the first months of our cooperation, we primarily focused on activities that could bring our client the quickest possible results; after that, we ran over more complex and time-consuming changes just
as necessary for overall business boost.



In our opinion, communication is a crucial aspect of a well-functioning partnership. During the whole
process, we make sure you receive credible reports at the end of each month. It’s important for us to
keep you updated.

Besides the monthly reports, we meet in person to plan additional activities and discuss further details.
In communication, we strive to be your partner rather than just a service provider, better said – an
outer segment of the company representing the marketing department. Working with us ultimately
adds value to your business; cooperating with skilled marketers will bring you nothing but success.

An example of a summary report, which we prepare at the end of each month for all our clients.

Sample of a interactive “live” overview, which we prepare for our clients (especially e-shops) in GDS.


The cooperation and the campaigns are currently still running. We are constantly preparing and gradually implementing longer-term solutions, including strengthening our market position as part of Google Ads performance campaigns. We also plan to expand the cooperation to SEO activities and link building.

Our approach revolves around prompt strategy-based actions to ensure the best achievable results for the client as soon as possible.