MeetMe23 is a hotel with unique interior design in the centre of Prague, a short walk from Wenceslas Square. (

  • Start of partnership – June 2017.
  • The ultimate goal – improving social engagement (Facebook / Instagram).
  • Project strategy – increasing brand awareness.
  • Targeted audience – German and international tourists.


  • + 1371 new followers on Instagram in the first month of collaboration,
  • + 100% increase in Instagram engagement,
  • 79,738 total reach of unique users, mainly from Germany,
  • 108 239 number of impressions,
  • + 230% increase in likes on Facebook,
  • + 49% increase in Facebook posts interest.
Comparison in the number of fans on Instagram with the beginning of partnership
Comparison of metrics compared to the beginning of partnership
The rise of fans on Instagram in the first month of partnership
Increase in engagement rate for Instagram posts (engagement rate)





  • After the first few meetings the client offered us the hotel services for the first-hand
    experience and a better understanding of their concept.
  • So we could, later on, generate a detailed campaign strategy as we had the opportunity to
    capture the atmosphere and see all the benefits they provide ourselves.
  • Creating good content and providing effective communication plans on their social platforms
    helped boost the popularity and overall engagement.
  • The social media strategy contained a publication plan, actual post-production, targeting the
    audience and setting a clear communication style on social networks.
  • To get the best possible results and be noticed, we sponsored the content we created on socials
    and used the targeting in our order.
  • Throughout the whole process, we ensure to measure all data and get ready credible reports
    for you at the end of each month. It’s important for us to keep you updated.


In our opinion, communication is a crucial aspect of a well-functioning partnership. Besides the monthly reports, we meet in person to plan additional activities and discuss further details. In communication, we strive to be your partner rather than just a service provider, better said – an outer segment of the company representing the marketing department. Working with us ultimately adds value to your business; cooperating with skilled marketers will bring you nothing but success.

An example of a summary report, which we prepare at the end of each month for all our clients.

Sample of a interactive “live” overview, which we prepare for our clients (especially e-shops) in GDS.