Sladké Mámení is a personal bakery brand of entrepreneur Vanda Palková; besides she creates unique community in the Czech Republic, she also brings original cake decorating techniques from abroad to local bakers.

  • Start of partnership – June 2019
  • The main goal was to promote the client’s e-book
  • Make it accessible to the public & sold upcoming courses using an email marketing strategy
  • The targeted group was mainly women interested in bakery


  • Initial understanding of the concept and studying targeted groups.
  • Detailed consultation and designing a custom solution.
  • Developing a concept of posts promoting e-book linked to messenger messages.
  • Promotion and targeting.
  • Building engagement across the media.


  • Rapid increase in contacts in the messenger database

  • Price per contact 4.13 Kč

  • Price for downloading the e-book 8.32 Kč

  • Subsequent sale of courses to contacts obtained through mass messaging in Messenger


In our opinion, communication is a crucial aspect of a well-functioning partnership. Besides the monthly reports, we meet in person to plan additional activities and discuss further details. In communication, we strive to be your partner rather than just a service provider, better said – an outer segment of the company representing the marketing department. Working with us ultimately adds value to your business; cooperating with skilled marketers will bring you nothing but success.

An example of a summary report, which we prepare at the end of each month for all our clients.


Sample of a interactive “live” overview, which we prepare for our clients (especially e-shops) in GDS.